Yesterday a group of organizations came together to announce their support for California’s measure to legalize cannabis for adults – Proposition 19.

The Green Party of California, Peace and Freedom Party of California, Republican Liberty Caucus of California, Progressive Libertarian Caucus, National Black Police Association, Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), The Free and Equal Elections Foundation and Hempire Media, today, announced they all agree, the passage of Proposition 19 is a vital step towards ending the War on Drugs, bringing peace and safety back to our neighborhoods, and producing an extra revenue source for struggling businesses and local governments in California.

The momentum behind Prop 19 is growing. Every endorsement, every positive story in the media serves to grow the awareness around Prop 19 and the truth of cannabis.

In two weeks the most important vote in the history of the marijuana law reform movement will take place in CA. Make sure you get to the polls if you live in the Golden State, and make sure you help your friends and family get to the polls as well. We will need every vote.

There are a lot of political heavyweights against Prop 19, and we can’t underestimate their influence among the people that will be voting for some of them. Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman, and Barbara Boxer are going to get millions of votes on November 2nd – and since they are all against Prop 19 they will bring a lot of no votes to the polls.

We must balance their influence with our own. We have two weeks left to go all out and get Prop 19 over the hump. Let’s get to it.

Joe Klare

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