Adding to a long list of companies known to be hostile to cannabis and its culture – including beer companies, Wal-Mart, and Facebook – comes cell phone provider T-Mobile. It seems they didn’t like the company EZ Texting doing business with and shut down their service.

“T-Mobile has cut off my code and put my business in jeopardy,” Shane Neman, CEO of EZ Texting told DailyFinance. “There’s nothing illegal about knowing about legal dispensaries in the states they are legal in.”

And EZ Texting is suing T-Mobile.

“EZ Texting is being irreparably damaged in its business because of the blocking by T-Mobile,” Neman said in a declaration to the court. “The ability to exchange text messages with all cell phone users is vital to EZ Texting’s business.”

It makes me wonder exactly what goes through the heads of the top executives of these companies. Do they really not comprehend how many cannabis users are out there? What is gained by these little political statements?

It is time we made these companies pay dearly for their hostility towards us. We have economic power, and we must use it. If you are a cannabis user who uses T-Mobile, find another phone carrier. Let them know how you feel about their policies; don’t give them your money.

Joe Klare

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