The NFL’s Arizona Cardinals have given $10,000 to “Keep AZ Drug Free,” a group that opposes AZ Prop 203 – which would legalize medical marijuana in the state.

Cardinals team President Michael Bidwill is listed by the anti-203 group as one of the main Valley leaders opposed to medical marijuana legalization. USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo also is part of the Keep AZ Drug Free group’s efforts.

Well, how thoughtful of them. They don’t want to “let chronically ill or severe pain patients buy small amounts of pot from state licensed clinics with a doctor’s approval.” How utterly sickening.

Where do people like this get their nerve? To think you have the right to deny sick people medicine comes from an arrogance that is dangerous when it is possessed by people with a lot of money. If you live in AZ, boycott your NFL team every chance you get. If the stands are empty, so will the coffers.

Joe Klare

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  1. malcolm kyle

    “After practicing law for six years as a federal prosecutor, Michael Bidwill joined the organization in 1996 as Vice President/General Counsel and today serves as team President. In that time, no one has been more influential in steering the organization’s on its path towards an eventual NFC Championship.”

  2. malcolm kyle


    One in every hundred Americans is now locked behind bars and one adult in 31 is under “correctional” supervision. As the prison population is growing faster than the government can build prisons, private companies see an opportunity for profit.

    The US government’s outsources prisons and prisoners to the private sector. It is therefor in the interest of this sector to forcibly stand in the way of any criminal justice reform that would cut into their revenue, even if this results in sacrificing public safety or citizens rights.

    Here’s a transcript of a 2008 PBS special:

    Though the average citizen does not know it, they very likely invest in the Prison-Industrial-Complex through the purchase of stock in the more than 2000 mutual funds in operation, as these derive at least some of their profits from inmate labor or prison construction. Companies such as Disney, General Electric, American Express, TWA, and Microsoft all make a portion of their profits from this industry

    The following link will show you the very close relationship between Prohibition and the Prison-Industrial-Complex:

    The fact is, prison-for-profit prohibitionists don’t care! They don’t care that, historically, the prohibition of any mind altering substance has never succeeded. They don’t care that America has the highest percentage of it’s citizens incarcerated of any country in the history of the planet. They don’t care about spawning far worse conditions than those they claim to be alleviating. These despotic imbeciles are actually quite happy to create as much mayhem as possible. After all, it’s what fills their prisons and gets them elected.

    Here’s what the UK Economist Magazine thinks of us: “Never in the civilised world have so many been locked up for so little”

    Here is a list of the organizations opposing proposition 19 – the legalized regulation of recreational cannabis for adults in California this November.

    Calif. District Attorney Investigators’ Assoc.,
    San Bernardino,CA,92415

    Peace Officers Assoc. of Los Angeles County.
    Los Angeles,CA,90012

    Calif. Police Chiefs Assoc.

    Calif. Peace Officers Assoc.

    Calif. Narcotic Officers’ Assoc.
    Santa Clarita,CA,91355

  3. Child

    The problem with America today is that they no longer give a d * mn about the children. The children are the future. The adults have the responsibility to protect, teach and care for the children. If the adults neglect, ignore and destroy the children today, America will destroy itself in the future.

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