Barry Cooper used to be a patrolman for the Texas State Police. As he busted more and more people for drugs, he began to see the futility of the War on Drugs, as well as the corruption of his fellow officers. He created a reality series known as “Kopbusters,” in which he set up sting operations to catch corrupt cops in the act. He also created the highly informative “Never Get Caught” series of videos where he tells you how to avoid getting caught by cops like he used to be.

His antics have caught the wrath of the Texas authorities, but it has also caught the attention of a big Hollywood Director.

…under the guidance of Hollywood talent manager David Ballard, has signed an option arrangement with producer/director Brett Ratner, perhaps best known for his films “Rush Hour,” “Red Dragon” and “X-Men: The Last Stand”. Longtime Ratner friend and production partner Franck Khalfoun has committed write and direct.

Khalfoun’s most recent work, “Wrong Turn at Tahoe,” is a mobster movie that stars Harvey Keitel and Cuba Gooding Jr. He also directed the thriller “P2,” about a woman stalked through a parking garage by a manipulative killer.

Barry’s family has been put through the ringer, his child taken, his wife arrested. But he is a true warrior in our cause, and for that we salute him. With enormous legal fees to cover, Mr. Cooper and his family deserve the money coming their way.

Not to mention his life will make a pretty good movie.