According to NORML, the world’s largest pro-cannabis rally – The Seattle Hempfest – needs our help.

Below is an important message from the Seattle Hempfest. You can either donate via, or participate in their new ‘Fundraising Crew’.

There is no hyperbole when one states that the now 19-year-old Seattle Hempfest is the largest pro-cannabis rally on the face of our good green earth. Over 200,000 anti-prohibitionists pour into a beautiful, mile-long park that faces Puget Sound for two days of speeches, education and music in support of ending America’s longest war–the US government’s 73-year-old war against cannabis consumers and the plant itself.

We reported on this story a couple months ago, and it is still of vital importance. The Seattle Hempfest is a beacon in the marijuana movement, and also serves to show the strength of pro-legalization groups. While it costs  a lot of money to put on, the Seattle Hempfest is free to attend – which means donations are very necessary.

I know times are tough all around, but if you have any extra money and are looking for a good cannabis cause to give to, take a look at the Seattle Hempfest, the largest demonstration of the pro-legalization movement in the world.

Joe Klare

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