The “Just Say Now” cannabis legalization campaign says they spent around $5,000 to buy an ad on the social networking giant Facebook. The ad ran about a week and pulled some 38 million views before it vanished from FB.

A spokesman for Facebook said they don’t have a problem with marijuana legalization itself, but that the marijuana leaf used in the ad falls under the category of “promoting smoking.”

Michael Whitney, the group’s online campaign director, said Facebook’s move is akin to striking a candidate’s face from his posters while he’s running for office. Marijuana legalization is on the ballot this November in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon and South Dakota.

“We are talking about free political speech,” Mr. Whitney said. “We aren’t encouraging people to do anything illegal.”

The thing about FB is that they can make their own rules. With over 400 million users worldwide, if they want to have a marijuana leaf in an ad for marijuana legalization, what’s anyone going to do about it? True, they may be a little gun shy after a series of debacles involving the privacy of their members, but it seems a stretch to me to say a leaf promotes smoking.

I must admit that as a user, I’m not a fan of Facebook. I much preferred Myspace, but no one is there anymore so I left too. Everyone went to FB, so I went there too. Yes, I’m quite the follower. But the only thing appealing to FB for me is the amount of people I can reach. Everything else is a drag on my time. And I would dare say that unless they get things together, FB might be overtaken by another social networking site, the same way it supplanted Myspace.

Joe Klare

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  1. Hairy POTHEAD

    Just get rid of the ENTIRE ad!!!!

    We don’t need to be promoting the use / abuse of deadly illegal substances for ANY IDIOTIC reason.

    There is a REASON this crap is illegal, lets keep it that way!!!!

  2. staysparked.

    @hairy pothead. marijuana was only recently(figurativly speaking) made illegal. before that it was legal. and btw weed is not deadly. stop watching fox news! you have to smoke 1500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes to get a lethal dose of thc. and to be honest. i since i started smoking marijuana my life is alot better then it was when i didnt smoke. it gave me the motivation to get off my ass go to college and get a good job i am now currently in my 3rd year of college. there is nothing wrong with marijuana. i want it legalized.

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