Chris Diaz – a medical marijuana patient from California – was driving through Texas when he was pulled over on the highway for an expired license tag. He now faces up to life in prison for the hashish and cannabis that police found in his car.

Charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, Chris Diaz faces the penalties of a first-degree felony in Texas – possibly spending the rest of his life in prison for marijuana.

The DPS report said the search also turned up a cell phone “containing text messages referring to drug sales” and a notebook with “drug and law writings.” Those are apparently the basis, legitimate or otherwise, for the drug distribution charge.

The state of Texas doesn’t recognize the fact that Mr. Diaz is a legal medical marijuana patient in California who uses cannabis to treat his asthma. Some text messages and a notebook make him a dangerous drug dealer.

Even if he did intend to sell his cannabis and hashish, this hardly seems like a wise expenditure of taxpayers’ money. I believe that Texas shares a rather violent and porous border with Mexico. Yet locking up an asthma sufferer for the rest of his life, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and tying up a prison cell for decades seems reasonable to authorities in TX.

To me it seems silly and wasteful; but since Texas law enforcement is doing such an awesome job protecting it’s citizens along the border, who am I to judge them?

Joe Klare

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  1. bill

    Kind of playing with the facts, aren’t you? He isn’t “facing” life in prison; he faces the possibility of life in prison, and unless he has a criminal record in Texas, he probably won’t see jail time, unless he was carrying pounds and pounds of the stuff.
    And you implied they just assumed he was dealing. If his text messages deal with selling the stuff, guess what? He apparently intended to deal drugs.
    While I agree with your disapproval of the anti-marijuana laws in Texas, I don’t think twisting the truth to present a hyperbolic spin tale will help convince people that pot is okay.
    I only slightly feel sorry for the guy. Listen, if you’re carrying enough pot to get a possible maximum of life in prison, and you haven’t checked all your lights and made sure your sh*t was in order, you’re not very smart.

  2. Robbie

    What ^ said, dude knows he can’t just flash his medi-card out of state, it doesn’t even work on highways IN Ca (CHP is fed). Hashish has always been a much steeper penalty than pot, anywhere. Great idea going to conservative heaven, and then leaving his registration expired to top it all off. i love weed, but maybe he should serve as an example of how NOT to jump through the teeny loopholes required to stay OUT OF JAIL. Brains or jail.

  3. Historian

    @ Bill & Robbie — So it’s okay to incarcerate someone for many years robbing them of their lives & the public of its tax money just because they’re “stupid”?

    Granted, he should’ve been more careful considering the absurdity of Texas law, but still, he’s harmed no one & thus, deserves no jail time.

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