If you are a regular reader of The 420 Times, you know that California Proposition 19 gets criticism from all areas of the political spectrum. Republicans and Democrats alike seem at best indifferent to Prop 19; at worst they are openly hostile.

One wonders if any major political figures will come out in favor of Prop 19. Even more to the point, can Prop 19 win without it?

There is no way to know the answer to either question, but I do have an opinion on the second one. Yes, prop 19 can win without a major political figure endorsement. Ten, maybe even 5 years ago we may not have been able to say that. But the explosion of the internet and the sheer amount of people that can be reached with the world wide web is astonishing. Electronic activism is the new frontier, and sites like the420times.com are the new media.

Combined, the top marijuana sites garner hundreds of thousands of page views every day. Search engines like Google and Yahoo bring our message to the casual observers of Prop 19; the hardcore people – pro and con – already have our sites bookmarked and have subscribed to the RSS feeds. Share buttons allow everyone to share our stories and articles with exponentially more people. The more we are shared, the wider our circle of influence becomes, and the more people become aware of Prop 19 and its ramifications.

So if Proposition 19 is something you feel strongly about, use those share buttons (ours are at the bottom of each post). Spread the word of cannabis far and wide, and watch our ranks grow. We don’t need the Republicans and Democrats; we are independent thinkers, and we will vote that way too.

Joe Klare

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