The largest pot rally in the world, the famous Seattle Hempfest, may be gone after this year. Hempfest director Vivian McPeak says that without a big infusion of cash, the rally is too far in debt to continue.

According to McPeak, a confluence of factors — including the slow economy, the theft of $5,000 worth of radios last year, a lack of financial support from the community (the average attendee contributes about 30 cents), excessive requirements from the City and the Port of Seattle, and the rising cost of event production — resulted in Hempfest being more than $50,000 in debt after the 2009 event.

In an effort to raise some capital, Hempfest is offering a membership program.

This year Hempfest launched a brand-new membership program, which allows folks within the greater cannabis community to connect directly with the local and regional movement.
Hempfest members are invited to attend special bi-monthly members only events, meet other kindred spirits, and get direct access to the most current news, activities and emergency calls to action.
“In addition to those great perks, members gain direct ‘no wait’ access to our new no-line ‘member’s entrance’ at Hempfest,” McPeak explained.
The damage losing Hempfest would do to the marijuana movement is immeasurable. Not only does it bring together tens of thousands of marijuana users in one place to connect and establish contacts, the press it generates every year for our cause is substantial. Consider giving what you can to keep Hempfest alive.
Video of two legends at Hempfest, Jack Herer and Eddie Lepp:

Joe Klare

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