Authorities in Colorado are already raising questions about the enforcement of their new medical marijuana law, which hasn’t even gone into effect yet.

There are questions about zoning laws. Authorities say it’s hard to investigate compliance. Correct dosages are unknown. It’s difficult to locate potentially dangerous growing operations. And the lack of a federal medical marijuana law raises serious questions for banks.

I though this law was supposed to “fix” the “mess” that is the Colorado medical marijuana industry. I remember a couple of months ago when this law was being debated that people on both sides of the issue were unhappy with it. Yet it was pushed through by the politicians anyway; the same politicians who now say the law will need to be “tweaked.”

It seems to me that a better idea would have been to wait on the law, or even better, scrap the law entirely and write a better one. But when politicians feel the need to be doing something, they really don’t care how effective what they’re doing will be. They just want something to point to and say, “Look, we did something about it.”

Well, what if their “fix” just makes things worse? To politicians, that’s called job security. Since most incumbents are re-elected to their positions time and again, they can keep “tweaking” the bad laws they were responsible for in the first place. When election time rolls around, they will always have a list of things they need to get done, and reasons they need another term.

Maybe if we start throwing out our representatives who make bad laws, the ones that are left will worry about getting it right the first time.

Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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