A couple weeks ago I was searching Youtube for videos to post on one of the websites I run. Jodie Emery had posted a video of  her and her husband Marc conversing via speaker phone. For those of you not “in the know,” Marc Emery currently sits in U.S. Federal Prison – extradited from Canada – for selling seeds over the internet, and therefore across the border into the U.S.

Unknown to Marc and his wife, the SeaTac Federal Detention Center has a seemingly unwritten rule against recording prison phone calls. On June 3rd Marc was notified of his error and placed in solitary confinement.

Emery’s attorney Rick Troberman was allowed a brief visit on Tuesday, June 8 and said Marc has been locked in a very small for cell for 24 hours a day since Thursday, and could be there for a lot longer.

Seriously? It’s not enough that we drag this man to United States Federal prison for selling marijuana seeds over the internet, ripping him from his family and friends? We have to lock him away by himself for breaking a rule that he was unaware of and that was not a rule for jails in his home country?

He didn’t cause a riot, or even shank a fellow inmate in the lunch line. He recorded a call with his wife over speaker phone and posted the video on Youtube (Jodie has since taken down the video at Marc’s request).

Emery’s wife Jodie says she is devastated she hasn’t been able to talk to Marc for almost a week.

“It’s horrible not hearing from my beloved husband, not knowing what’s going on, when I’ll be in touch with him next,” she wrote in a recent blog post at Cannabis Culture. “And the solitary confinement is just the period where he waits for the punishment to be determined, as if it’s not punishment enough! They can take away phone, email, AND visits.”

Do you realize that U.S. taxpayer money is being used to jail a seed seller? A foreign seed seller at that. I have to believe, for my own sanity, that there are better things we could be spending our money on. I seem to remember hearing something in the news recently about some trouble in The Gulf of Mexico…

A few MP’s in Canada are making noise about Emery’s treatment – but they made a lot of noise about his extradition too – and here he sits. The cause Marc has fought for goes on with him in prison. But will our efforts to free him be enough?

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