As a result of recent regulations going into effect for medical marijuana dispensaries, entrepreneurs are already finding ways to deliver medicine to patients. Pot delivery services are proliferating in the “City of Angels.”

Another consequence of the city councils short-sighted closing of over 400 dispensaries in the L.A. area, there are now unregulated “mobile dispensaries” tooling around southern California treating patients and dispensing medicine. Still playing catch-up with what’s going on in their own city, some on the council want to ban these delivery services, like Jose Juizar.

“The city has received dozens of complaints regarding the new ruse that has arisen in an attempt to circumvent city and state regulations governing the city’s collectives,” Huizar claimed in his motion to ban mobile dispensaries.

By continually adopting half-measures in regards to marijuana, the city leaves open other avenues of unregulated marijuana supply. I doubt most would think people driving around in vans and selling marijuana is preferable to regulated – and stationary – medical marijuana dispensaries.

And instead of finding a way to regulate these delivery services – which can be quite useful to those without a way to get to a dispensary – the knee jerk reaction is to ban them. Instead of actually looking at these services as something that can be beneficial to their citizens, and figuring out a way to make sure they are regulated and safe, Jose Juizar wants to make sure there is no oversight whatsoever; just black market drug dealers selling weed out of their van.

I would guess that most of the L.A. City Council is against the upcoming ballot measure to legalize and tax cannabis in California. Since most of their measures in regards to marijuana result in helping black market drug dealers, why would their stance on that initiative be any different?

Joe Klare

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