Stories like this one are always interesting to me. The BBC reports that a convent in Uganda was searched and two nuns were questioned. Officials discovered a one acre marijuana farm on the property.

One of the nuns has been quoted by local media as saying the marijuana was used to treat farm animals, such as pigs.

The main point here is: What’s the point? No matter what country you’re in, what harm are some old nuns growing weed doing to society. The story doesn’t mention whether they were using their drug profits to support a sadistic warlord in his bid to take over the country, or something similarly evil.

Commander Muhuirwe also dismissed reports in Uganda’s New Vision newspaper that the nuns had been angry that the police had entered the convent without permission, pointing out that the garden was separate from the convent building.

Even assuming the nun lied and were toking up themselves, why all this fuss? The nuns weren’t arrested by officials, but the porters were, so I have to assume the authorities in Uganda have some restraint. But again, what’s the point?

But it just goes to show that reefer madness is everywhere.

Joe Klare

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