Nov. 11, 2009 — Yesterday, the Boulder City Council hurriedly passed new rules regarding medical marijuana dispensaries. However, in the process, they nearly legalized marijuana dealers. We all make mistakes, don’t we?

Did the Boulder City Council accidentally define illegal weed dealers as medical-marijuana businesses?

By Michael Roberts

Last night, the Boulder City Council considered imposing a temporary moratorium on new medical-marijuana operations — and while members stopped short of putting an outright ban into place, they did establish a slew of restrictions. Through March 31, 2010, new dispensaries that didn’t file before November 6 can’t open in residential areas, or within 500 feet of primary or secondary schools or licensed daycare centers. Likewise, three dispensaries can’t be 500 feet or less from each other.

Cannabis Therapy Institute outreach director Laura Kriho, who was at the marathon session, calls these restrictions “an effective moratorium on dispensaries in Boulder. With the retail and rental situation in the city being what it is, people were having a hard enough time finding a landlord to rent to them as it was. Now it will be effectively impossible because of the way the ordinance is written.”

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