A new study from the University of Oslo has found that marijuana use is associated with better neurocognitive functioning in bipolar patients.

Can Marijuana Help Bipolar Disorder?
by Bruce Mirken

There has long been reason to think that marijuana may be helpful to some patients with bipolar disorder, as certain cannabinoids have been shown in lab and animal studies to have effects that ought to be beneficial. Now, a new study from the University of Oslo finds that marijuana use is associated with better neurocognitive functioning in bipolar patients. In various tests of memory, learning, etc., bipolar patients who used marijuana did better than those who didn’t use it – the exact opposite of what the researchers found in patients with schizophrenia, a condition marijuana can sometimes worsen. “The findings,” the scientists write, “suggest that cannabis use may be related to improved neurocognition in bipolar disorder.”

Story from MPP.org.

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  1. Arizer

    Cannabis and specifically, indica-dominant/full indica strains are ideal for bipolar disorder(assuming you arent a truck driver/etc etc) in that they stabilize mood/mind-set wonderfully without the liver-destroying toxicity of most present-day Psychiatric pill medications… There is a great evening of temperament with the indicas . I have taken the gamut of bipolar medications and none work as efficiently and pleasantly as cannabis *indica* .
    I would ask the government to please consider the legitimate usage of indica for bipolar .
    thank you .

  2. Jessica

    I was diagnosed with bipolar 3 years ago they stuck me on all these pills that were doing the complete opposite. Only because they are sugar pills. They think they can psychologically make you believe that the pills will help… I got some news for the government, it doesn’t work, at least not for people who can think mind over matter. I have some more news for the government, Marijuana helps with not only my mood swings but friends and famlys as well. When I smoke the beautiful natural growing herb it puts me in a good mood and when something makes me angry I dont blow up like I usually do. Marijuana needs to be a legal medication for mental diagnosis’. Citizens of the United States deserve to vote on the matter not the governments ppl. WHERE IS OUR SAY???!!!!!

  3. Rosebud

    I think pot helps with bipolar disorder it’s worked eight years for me I stopped novmber 2009 since then I had my bipolar disorder has been unstable pills aren’t working for either I’m thinking about going back to medical pot wicth was working well for I was much happyer use the pot it works for me that is I can say I want my life back !

  4. Will

    I have used pot medically for over 30 years and given written testimony in a early medical value congressional hearing. I hope Rangle gets booted out of congress for the smear job and lies he told there and did not let us speak. Now we are proven right on the medical issue for some but not me yet.

    It helps my eyes, dyslexia and bipolor disorder. My eyes see much better and are comfortable when stoned. I have had many eye operations but only weed helps aleviate the discomfort and eye strain and improve vision.

    I use pot as medicine for the random disorders caused by dyslexia. The high cbd to cbc ratios of equatorial sativas and indicas do tend to make the problems worse, however, if too much is smoked. In moderation cbd it helps but backfires if I do too much with out enough cbc. If I do too much indica and then smoke a good sativa with a high cbc to cbd ratios variety it cures that problem.

    The problem is I get the same mini split second seizures others get from distracted driving because the two brains hemispheres fight for control of the brain. These seizures for dyslexics are functionally the same thing as distracted driving and both are caused directly by excessive multitasking. They are not recognized as seizures but science will figure it out someday.

    CBD is a proven anti-seizure medication for epileptics but for me it needs cbc to balance it. A good sativa is superior to any indica for my medical use.

    Good sativa buds prevents well over 90% of the seizures problem with even moderate smoking. Alcohol does help somewhat too just because it relaxes me I guess. Yet weed prevents seizures and is much easier to use and much healthier too.

    Now weed is great for bipolor disorder as well. But weed, like any bipolor medication, needs to be taken regularly as withdrawls makes the problem worse than they would be without ever using it. The withdrawls from medical pot get worse for two weeks and then gets better.

    I have tried other bipolor meds and they just tend to not work or make things worse. If I actually shift from normal sane to a manic episode on legal doctor prescribed meds the episode is worse which only makes you get over diagnosed furthermore.

    I do far better on pot in every way. One quarter at the University of California I took the doctor prescribed meds and they messed me up so bad I had to opt for pass/fail just after midterms. The next quarter I was my own doctor and did my best quarter ever by smoking weed as needed many times a day.

    However as pot is not allowed for medical reasons here and needs to be consistantly used to keep working I quit smoking it as medication. Now I am a miserable government hating person without it for cruelly not getting what god knows I need for medicine.

    By the way did anybody notice that the Republicans who always fight for state rights never speak up for state medical marijauna by telling the feds to get their noses out of our doctor’s offices?

  5. Jason Sieverding

    If you are Bi-Polar, Cannabis use, will save your life!

    It did in my life! I tried really hard to follow the advice of many Doctors to take what they have to offer. After several years of my life with 27 different combinations of pills, loss of relationships, Jail time and embarrassing behavior. Through the help of a rehab I was in for alcohol abuse, I was helped off of all the pills and given Medical Cannabis exclusively to treat my illness. Now over 5 years later, I haven’t had any alcohol or pills and even gave up a 2 pack a day tobacco habit! It helped me change my life for the better!

    I now feel committed to letting people know every where I go.

    I am truly lucky to be alive after all the craziness of when I was taking all those pills which were supposed to help me! This country needs to change in a big way!

    It makes me feel like I live in a communist country when I hear even if we pass Prop 19 they will still come after us!!??

    What the F ?? It freeking disgusts me to celebrate the 4th of July anymore because I haven’t felt free in years. Growing up as an American I had always felt lucky to be born here in “the Land of the Free”!

    Now that I finally have the proper medication for my illness and have been doing great for years. I have to act like a criminal to go visit my family anywhere outside my state and take the risk of doing time for bringing my medication along!

    I pay taxes too, I am an American too, I love my country also, but I hate my government who I feel betrayed by!!!
    What happened to all men are created equal?

    I believe in Equal Rights for all men and women! Not just the ones I agree with. If someone commits a crime while on the influence of anything they should be arrested. No one should be arrested for being under the influence of anything in the privacy of their homes.

    Please, respect me in my decisions, so that I may respect you in yours. We all deserve respect and when were not given it there will be a problem.

  6. James

    I happen to be bipolar and used to smoke and found that it helped mellow out my moods and not make me so tense all the time. My bipolar is so severe that I would have fits of outrage at the drop of a hat.

    Is there any chance of me being prescribed marijuana here in georgia for the condition?

  7. enrique

    I recently found out I actually am bipolar I didn’t want to accept it until I started reading more about it. I then found the explanation to my mood swings. I’ve been smoking pot for almost a year now and noticed I would be more stable from my moods. there would be times I would get extremly angry simply because I would drop something or yet something so simple. I thank marijuana for helping me be more stable I feel like I can be more myself and even more friendly I just feel ashamed I have to hide something so harmless as if I was some sort of criminal.

  8. Melanie R.P.

    Thank you God, for creating a truly wonderful natural medicine, that gives relief to bipolars. We are many, and we suffer greatly. Love and prayers to all of you out there like myself….Melanie

  9. Dan

    I am suffering from BP1, Paranoia, anxiety disorders and OCD. I am now on my 4th anti psychotic and yes cannabis works better. I am Colorado registry holder and eating some indica cookies wow all the racing thoughts stop and so does my OCD, all of it. I used to smoke pot for 10 years for insomnia and smoked pot for it. It helped. I let a normal life got A’s in college and would have a night cap just like a lawyer with hard alcohol.

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