May 8, 2008 — In an article from 2008, Philip Leveque, a physician and toxicologist, discusses the merits of using medical marijuana to treat post traumatic stress disorder, which is suffered by many war veterans.

Oregon Toxicologist Says Treatment for PTSD Should Include Cannabis
Dr. Philip Leveque

Phillip Leveque, a former WWII combat infantryman, physician and toxicologist, discusses the merits of marijuana use for those who suffer from PTSD.

(MOLLALA, Ore.) – For those who do not know it, the humans and all animals so far tested produce two marijuana like substances, Anandamide and 2- Arachidonal glycerol (2AG), which produce exactly the same medical functions as marijuana.

Secondly marijuana/cannabis has been used in human medicine for about 4,000 years and have never killed anybody, which cannot be said for almost any other medicine.

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