Should marijuana be completely legalized in the United States? The debate has been picking up steam as of late, especially in light of the spread of medical marijuana dispensaries in California and Colorado. There are a plethora of arguments that have been made both for and against; to make things a bit more simple for you, we’ve compiled a list of sources below that mention some of the bigger arguments in the debate.

Arguments In Favor:

– Taxing marijuana can generate significant revenue for state governments, especially for cash-strapped states like California. In California, a hypothetical 10% pot tax would generate 1.4 billion dollars in revenue. (Source)

– Marijuana is no more harmful or addictive than already legalized drugs such as alcohol. (Source)

Precious government resources are being wasted by enforcing marijuana laws. (Source)

Arguments Against:

– Marijuana is an addictive drug that can have negative long-term effects. (Source)

– Marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to the use of more harmful and more addictive drugs and can ultimately place more stress on our already burdened health care system. (Source)

– Legalizing marijuana would lead to widespread, uncontrolled use of the drug. (Source)

Want more? Check out Ron Paul and Stephen Baldwin duke it out real-time:

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