The 420 Times, Southern California’s leading magazine of medical marijuana and natural healing, has launched the Smoke Signal, its email eNewsletter aimed to benefit users of medicinal marijuana.

The Smoke Signal eNewsletter covers a wide range of content, including the latest news on medical marijuana legislation, coupons for dispensaries and cooperatives, as well as tips and advice regarding medical marijuana use.

“With so much misinformation on the internet, it’s hard to find a reliable resource to keep track of what’s happening in the world of medical marijuana,” notes Brian Lancer, editor of The 420 Times. “We conceived the Smoke Signal eNewsletter as a trustworthy source of the latest medical marijuana news and legislation, things every medical marijuana user should know.”

Also keeping in mind the lingering economic recession, the eNewsletter provides exclusive coupons to save money on medical marijuana. “We understand that the faltering economy has put everyone, including users of medical marijuana, in a financial pinch,” explains Lancer. “That’s why we’ll be including local coupons, offers and upcoming events for medical marijuana dispensaries and cooperatives—we want to give back to our readers.”

Furthermore, people who sign up for the eNewsletter are eligible to win a Volcano™ Vaporizer. The Volcano Vaporizer system is known for being the most technologically advanced professional vaporizer available with its precision air temperature control and reliability.

People interested in the Smoke Signal eNewsletter can sign up at: www.the420times.com

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