In 2008, the number of people on Colorado’s medical marijuana registry tripled. In 2009, Colorado’s demand for medical marijuana has continued to grow, leading to the rapid expansion of clinics in the state. State officials, however, are skeptical of the large number of medical marijuana users.

The explosion of consumer demand for medical marijuana has spawned concern among some but represents opportunity for others to move medical marijuana into the mainstream.

“It’s a growing area, a growing field,” said Brian Vicente, director of Sensible Colorado, a pro-marijuana advocacy group.

By summer’s end, there could be as many as 60 medical-marijuana “dispensaries” in Colorado, according to the founder of Colorado Medical Marijuana, which catalogues the dispensaries on its website.

The founder, Todd, asked that only his first name be used because he straddles two worlds — the marijuana business and the real estate business.

From bright, modern offices atop a Panera sandwich shop near Park Meadows mall, Colorado Medical Marijuana walks potential patients through the process of finding a doctor and registering with the state — for $235. The state registry fee is $90.

This month alone, Todd said, he expects to serve 100 clients. “We’ve been growing exponentially.”

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